Better human teams make better companies;


better companies make a better society.


“To the heart of business” is the main attribute of our brand. With these words, we want to express our intention to go to the heart of things, to the essentials, where the course and rhythm of what happens in the companies and within the teams with which we work is decided.

We provide business consulting and cultural change services, accompaniment of management committees to improve their effectiveness, coaching to senior managers, giving an independent sense of belonging to Boards of Directors, training within the company, and interventions as speakers at events.


We provide resources and methodology to design and execute new strategies in the areas in which we are experts.

Our model is based on the experience of general management of our associates, their specialization, participation and integration with the teams of the client company.

If necessary, we handle the transformation office during the process of change, and get involved in the consulting projects included in this process.


We offer vibrant, participative, practical conferences. We want to provoke reflection and motivate action in the participants.

We cover all the topics mentioned in the Specialties section.

Our conferences or sessions vary in duration, may or may not include workshops, and on occasion we take care of the carrying out of and the dynamics of the entire event.

The associates of Huete&co., have an active presence on speaker platforms such as HiCue, TopTen, Seminarium, Speakers Academy, etc.


The proper functioning of the management committees is necessary to make better business decisions and for good execution. Our task is to help improve their functionality and the trust and mutual respect of their members.

We also help generate more clarity related to future projects, so that it is communicated to the organization in a better way and causes the culture to reinforce the Mission and Vision.


Managers need a personalized accompaniment process to face especially complex challenges they will confront.

Executive coaching is an opportunity for personal growth promoted through personal interviews that allow better self-knowledge and healthy questioning of paradigms with which they have been operating.


The board of directors is ultimately responsible for the organizational health and long-term sustainability of the companies. Its supervisory activity can not be limited to legal or financial aspects.

Our involvement as independent consultants provides strategic vision, knowledge of the dynamics among its members, and ability to evaluate the development of the management team from a global perspective in which the human perspective is also integrated.


Most of the associates have been performing executive training tasks in business schools for some time.

In addition, we also offer our dynamism, knowledge, practicality and experience to the companies, through customized in-company seminars adapted to the profile of the participants. The training we teach is always relevant and applicable.

The seminars can be in face-to-face formats (1 to 4 days) and non-face-to-face (1-hour webinars or e-learning of different modules over several weeks).

The plurality of our associates allows us to integrate diverse subjects in the design of the seminars.

What makes us different is the ability to make complex concepts understandable, our ability to inspire and create value-added conversations among participants, and our practical approach to make training tangible for commitment to a personal improvement roadmap.


Company culture is the most important lever for the implementation of strategies. The common method for the betterment of the people who work in companies is through the creation of cultures that promote trust, effort, self-discipline and collaboration.

We help the creation and execution of master plans related to cultural and digital transformation with methodology, training and follow-up. The objective is for companies to have healthy cultures aligned with their strategy and for their managers to be able to proactively manage the problems and opportunities that changing markets constantly generate.