Álvaro Marín

Álvaro Marín Malumbres

Consultor Independiente

Consultor Independiente.

Education in Europe

Álvaro has a degree in Law from the University of Zaragoza, specialized in fields related to European and international business. Master in European Studies from the Real Instituto de Estudios Europeos (RIEE), developed in Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Madrid and Zaragoza. Master in International Law from the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE), Barcelona. Executive in Digital Transformation by the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI), Madrid.


During his stay in the United Kingdom, he carried out specialization studies on business management. In 2019, while he was collaborating with a start-up in New York, he trained through several courses at Google, Dale Carnegie, and Anthony Robbins.

Professional Experience in Europe and America

During the first stage of his career, Álvaro worked in Litigation departments in national and international firms such as Clifford Chance and FyR Legal, Barcelona. Subsequently, he was collaborating directly with the Consulate of Spain in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.


Later on, in 2017, he joined Luis Huete`s team, working as Project Director and Consultant at Huete&co. His incorporation occurs after completing the Young Entrepreneurs Program of the European Commission (EYE Program).


In 2018, his business model “MarinMalumbres” has been honored and awarded by a new Program of Young Entrepreneurs (Going Global), to make a stage in Singapore, Israel or the USA. During 2019, Álvaro was working in New York collaborating with a start-up, Rebelbase, developing business for Europe and Latin America.


As an expert oratory communicator, he leads students of the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and guides other Latin American universities based on personal experience in international competitions on Law and Oratory.

Expert in Millennial Behavior, Entrepreneurship and Communication

After abandoning his legal practice, Álvaro, in addition to being Project Coordinator of Professor Luis Huete’s consultant firm, has specialized mainly in areas such as: positive psychology, entrepreneurship, communication & oratory and millennial behavior.


His work alongside Luis Huete also allows him to immerse himself in other fields such as customer management, innovation in business models and the management of high-performance teams.


He is co-author of the book published in 2019 by Huete&co, “Vitaminas y Vacunas para la Empresa de Hoy”