David Cerdá

Consultor Estratégico

Strategic Consultant.

David is an expert in the two realms that together conform organizations: their architecture and the human beings that make them alive. In this second aspect, David works on Creativity, Leadership, the making of Excellent Teams and Professionality. As for the structure of companies, David helps to improve Corporate Culture, he builds Open Innovation Systems (OIS, his methodology to foster innovation in organizations) and he is a consultant for Process Engineering and Controlling. He also works on Behavioral Economics, applying its conclusions to the practice of Management. His expertise is thus linked to Change Management (corporate & personal) at its fullest scope.

David has more than 20 years of professional experience in managing positions, in multinational and local companies, and has also held positions in auditing. He has worked as Manager of Finance & Controlling departments, Innovation Manager and General Manager. He has served as external consultant on excellence and internal auditor on quality systems. He has also participated in several integrations in M&A processes. He is a professor in ESIC Business&Marketing School and collaborates with other business schools too.

David is consultant, speaker and author. Among his five books we find La organización viva (2018), on Leadership, Corporate Culture, Humans, Creativity & Innovation, and El buen profesional (2019), on Professional Excellence & Ethics. He’s also a coach for speakers and helps other writers to fulfill their books. He has written articles on Innovation & Management, and on Arts and Humanities. He has given more than a hundred speeches, workshops and consulting projects in half a dozen countries.

Doctoral student (PhD to be obtained in 2020), David has a Graduate in Business Administration, a MBA, a Master in Production & Logistics, a Postgraduate in Intellectual Capital & HR Management, a Graduate & Master in Philosophy, and has completed the Growing Leaders Program (Ashridge Business School, UK).

David offers his consulting, speeches & workshops in English / Spanish / French / German / Portuguese / Italian.

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