Pablo España Osborne

Emprendedor - Presentador de Eventos - Conferenciante & Speaker - Mentor & Coach

Entrepreneur - Event Presenter - Lecturer & Speaker - Mentor & Coach


I studied at Retamar School until I was 18 and there I learnt the value of discipline, effort, companionship and respect for my elders. Later, I studied Marketing and Commercial Management at ESIC Business&Marketing School and developed my ability to speak in public, teamwork and work/think out of the box.

Professional experience

First of all, I am a person who has not stopped working and looking for a living since I was a student. I am not satisfied with just doing the job, but I always try to give more than what is expected of me; whatever I do, I like to do it well and I dedicate the hours and energy it takes. Secondly, I am an easy-going person, who adapts and learns quickly. Outgoing implies being sociable and I think this is one of my strengths: I have a genuine interest in people, which has been reflected in the success of first the 5J Afterwork meetings and then the Seekers Tribe.

I am not afraid of responsibility or challenges, I am decisive and focused on providing solutions and measuring myself by results.Finally, I am loyal to my values, ideas and principles, which I want to guide my personal and professional life.

Professional and Academic Affiliations

  • We Are Seekers
  • Pablo España Osborne
  • OkkO Dating
  • Young Civic Leaders – Fundación Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno
  • Miembro Asociado Huete&Co


Business Collaborations

Osborne, Deloitte, Salesforce, Studio Banana, Cosentino, Loreal, UFV, CFO, UNAV, Siena Eduación…



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