Ignacio Cañaveral

Advisor to business families. Succession and generational relief. Family protocol. Corporate governance and strategy. Strategic HR management. Trainer & speaker.


Agricultural Engineer, Global Executive MBA from IESE Business School and Management of Agroindustrial Enterprises from the University of Loyola. Graduated from Montgomery Catholic School, Alabama, USA.

Professional Experience

More than 25 years of experience leading strategic projects in the field of Family Business. He founded and directed Agrogesa, an agricultural consulting company, providing services for the pharmaceutical industry Alcaliber of Abelló heritage, Torreal. For 8 years, he carried out managerial work and technical assistance in projects; studies, analysis and risk evaluation; technical evaluation reports; feasibility studies and investment evaluation in family businesses; participated in litigation as a judicial expert in inheritance and forced expropriation projects; and also, in the implementation of business management systems. He worked for 5 years in Abengoa in the field of Renewable Energies, developing strategic projects at the executive level for international expansion and innovation in Europe, Asia and Africa, where he was in charge of the Purchasing Management Department for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

He has extensive international experience negotiating projects with international operators and also participating in the Commodities Market as an international broker for raw materials. After leaving Abengoa, he founded Pandorai, where he served for 3 years as a consultant, launching a human resource consultancy for the strategic accompaniment of knowledge management and the development of talent in organizations.

Expert in Strategic Development in the Leadership of Business Families

Change is Ignacio’s reason for being. His role as a consultant and adviser is the result of a journey that he has taken for more than 25 years in which he has managed to overcome barriers and rise several times to lead new life scenarios. This vital experience has made him conscious of many of the difficulties that a family with their own business goes through. As a result, many people and business families have relied on his services for the success of their company and their lifestyle.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a humanistic vocation, he has been an advisor in strategic consulting companies for human resources for the development of talent in organizations. He currently works as an external advisor in the strategic development of family businesses, accompanying the members of the family that own the succession and the generational replacement of the leadership of the family business. He assists in the management of processes related to organizational change through instruments such as the succession plan, family protocol, the strategic plan, or even mediating conflicts in the family business. He also assists in the management of human capital, implementing Systems of Continuous Improvement in the family business. He has actively participated in technological start-ups for the development of intelligent business solutions.

After his time in Shanghai and the Silicon Valley, he published his first book on emotional leadership, Juega el Partido de tu Vida: el Capital Humano y el Talento residen en las emociones.