Jacobo Parages

Lecturer. Motivator. Trainer in companies. Professor at universities and business schools. Businessman.


Jacobo Parages holds a degree in Commercial Management and Marketing from ESIC Business and Marketing School, Madrid.

Academic Affiliation

Associate professor at IE University where he teaches Success Management. Professor at the University Francisco de Vitoria where he also teaches Success Management. Professor in the Master´s degree Program of Commercial Management (GESCO: Gestión Comercial) at ESIC Business and Marketing School teaching Failure Management. Professor at the Center for Financial Studies (CEF: Centro de Estudios Financieros) where he also teaches Failure Management.

Company Collaboration

In addition to teaching, he is a trainer in companies, lecturer and motivator. He adapts the contents to the different forums and transmits an optimistic and positive message. He considers it a priority mission to offer a vision of improvement, as well as motivation and achievement of the same to help work teams in companies as well as anyone looking for the key to success. His professional and personal experience make him a speaker focused on bringing a clear message of motivation and teamwork to organizations. He believes in company transformation beginning with transformation of the people within.

Company Roles

He has worked in different multinationals in England and Spain, managing teams and leading projects in companies: United Biscuits (London), Tetra Park, KA International, Boulanger, Impacto Servicios de Marketing Directo. In 2010 he became a partner of an agency called Aubyn Comunicación. In 2013 he created Control Activo, a company dedicated to the control of outdoor advertising activity, a pioneer in Spain. In 2015, he created his personal brand JPR.

Personal Trajectory

Since he was 28, he has lived with a very painful, chronic rheumatic disease. He assumed this new situation as a challenge and twenty years later he is a successful businessman, an expert in marketing and communication with 25 years of experience in various fields, as well as in the world of franchising. In 2013, he overcame a malignant tumor. In spite of his illnesses, he has been able, over the past three years, to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar twice and the 40 kilometers across the Menorca Channel once. He has been the first patient with ankylosing spondylitis to achieve sporting challenges that long distances at sea present. His leitmotiv is “we have no limits.” His sporting challenges are part of his way to deal with his illness and with life, and thus he takes them to the company field to deal with failure management and fear, to overcome adversity, to the vision of achieving objectives and the enormous importance of attitude in the field of corporations and their employees.


He has just published his first book Lo que aprendí del dolor. It is a personal testimony with an objective of sharing the keys to the ability that we must achieve our goals, both professionally and personally, even in spite of encountering adversities along the way.