One of our first books was in 1992 by Luis Huete. Since then, we have published more than 12 books, translated into different languages, in which we have summarized some of the ideas that we use in our role as trusted advisors. The books focus on aspects of business reengineering, management models, people and culture, customer management, self-leadership, etc.

Portada de Construye tu sueño

Construye tu Sueño

Author Luis Huete

Editorial LID Editorial

Year 2005


Construye tu sueño asks questions that hit hard, gives answers that motivate and offers tools to turn life itself –personal and professional– into a passionate reality. Luis Huete –after 25 years of work– has developed the ability to integrate areas that are often in conflict such as: professional and personal, success and achievement, daily events. And this gift –conquered with effort– has allowed him to write some of the most interesting chapters of the “National Geographic” of personal progress. Construye tu sueño is a book to help ambitious people be ready for opportunity and build dreams without going astray.

*Note: this book is only available in Spanish.

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