Services and areas of work


Associate members offer
support services at three levels:


Mentoring & Executive Coaching

Executives need a personalized process of accompaniment to face the particularly complex challenges they must face.

Executive coaching is an opportunity for personal growth through personal interviews that allow a better self-knowledge and a healthy questioning of the paradigms with which they have been operating. The mentoring/executive coaching process we perform is based on active listening, and the use of questions as triggers for new ideas and approaches to the leadership to be exercised over the organization. It is therefore a personal accompaniment to have at hand a “coach and business expert” with whom to contrast ambitions,

This service is aimed at the top management of the company, the members of a management team and the families that govern family businesses.


Program: "Managerial Self-Leadership Development" DAD

Transforming people in the context of a business transformation. Accompanying tour.

The objective is to enhance the leadership skills of managers with greater projection through a personalized accompaniment that favours the achievement of the best version of the participants and their commitment to the transformation of the company. The accompaniment integrates elements of coaching, mentoring, and consulting. The program requires several months of dedication because the key is to develop new habits.

Duration: 8-10 months
Highlights: 5 phases, 8 sessions, 21 management development resources
Format: digital and/or face-to-face 100% personalized


Advice to Management Committees and Boards of Directors

The proper functioning of the Steering Committees is necessary for making better business decisions and for good execution. Our task is to help improve their functionality and the mutual trust and respect of their members.

We also help to generate more clarity on future projects, to better communicate this to the organization and to make the culture reinforce the Mission and Vision.

The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the organizational health and long-term sustainability of companies. Its oversight role cannot be limited to legal or financial aspects.

Our involvement as independent directors provide strategic vision, knowledge of the dynamics among its members, and the ability to evaluate the management team’s management from a global perspective that also integrates the human perspective.