Services and areas of work


HUETE&CO’s associates have an active presence in speaker platforms such as BBC Speakers, Thinking Heads, HI Cue, Top Ten, Seminarium, Speakers Academy, etc.

Most of our associates have been training executives in business schools for some time. In addition, we also put our dynamism, knowledge, practicality, and experience at the service of companies through personalised in-company seminars adapted to the profile of the participants. The training we provide is always relevant and applicable.

Some of the national and international business schools in which they are present are: Harvard Business School, Omnicom and Notre Dame in the United States, IESE, ESADE, DEUSTO, IE Business School, ISEM, San Telmo, CEU, EDEM and Basque Culinary in Spain, Lagos Business School (Nigeria), PAD (Peru), IPADE (Mexico), ESE (Chile), IAE (Argentina), ISE (Brazil), IDE (Ecuador), ESMT (Germany), Timoney Leadership Institute (Ireland), Oxford Leadership (UK), Mudra Institute of Communications (India).

Seminars can be face-to-face (1 to 4 days) or non-face-to-face (1-hour webinars or e-learning of different modules over several weeks).

The plurality of our partners allows us to integrate a variety of subjects in the design of the seminars.

What sets us apart is our ability to make complex concepts understandable, our ability to inspire and create value-added conversations among participants, and our practical approach to make training tangible in a commitment to a personal improvement roadmap.

We offer vibrant, participatory, practical lectures. We want to provoke reflection and action in participants. We cover all the topics mentioned in the specialities section. Our conferences or sessions vary in length, may or may not include workshops, and we sometimes manage and run the whole event.