One of our first books was in 1992 by Luis Huete. Since then, we have published more than 12 books, translated into different languages, in which we have summarized some of the ideas that we use in our role as trusted advisors. The books focus on aspects of business reengineering, management models, people and culture, customer management, self-leadership, etc.

Portada de Ilusión y beneficios

Ilusión y beneficios: cómo motivar para crear valores

Author Luis Huete, Wouter Van Daalen

Editorial LID Editorial

Year 2005


A motivated and inspired team will be happier, produce more benefits and create more value for the company. Wouter Van Daalen and Luis Huete present a management model that puts emphasis on creating value for customers and employees with the purpose of improving growth and profitability, revitalizing companies. This book, based on many real cases from Spain, clearly explains how to establish successful companies, managing it in an intense and coherent manner.

*Note: this book is only available in Spanish.

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