Luis Manuel Halcón

Senior management consultant. Advisor of business units and newly created businesses. New business development coach.


Luis Manuel Halcón has a degree in Law, an MBA from IESE Business School and attended an International Exchange Program (IEP) at London Business School. His postgraduate training has included courses at Sophia University (Tokyo), Hong Kong University, Chicago Kellogg Business School and Harvard Business School.

Academic Affiliation

Since 2008, he has been teaching courses aimed at the Development of Online Strategies for SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises). He has also collaborated with the Entrepreneurship Initiative Area at IESE Business School, conducting coaching for numerous start-up companies and companies in the developmental stage.

Company Collaboration

Luis Manuel has collaborated with various companies throughout their strategic process, from their creation/launch (Jamones Domecq), up to their consolidation and/or international expansion (Jamones Enrique Tomás). During a brief but intense period, he advised Spanish companies on their commercial strategy for their entry into the Chinese market through Hong Kong. After being involved in the development of franchise models for companies in the retail sector for a few years, his advice is currently more focused on the implementation of online strategies that enhance the adequacy of the business processes with the current demand of consumers/clients.

Boards and Company Roles

Luis Manuel Halcón is currently a consultant for companies with a niche of added value such as Baruc Online, Seguros Veterinarios, Jamonerias Enrique Tomas and Spinfas.