Here you have some of the reflections of our associate members in the main Management magazines that relate in one way or another to the company, society or the economy.

Internally, partners also carry out research and publish articles and technical notes such as the following:

  • The five steps of a customer strategy
  • Business models
  • Vitamins and vaccines – the manager as therapist
  • Transforming and delivering results
  • Leadership, sociopathy, and good governance
  • Power corrupts?
  • Purpose: the great opportunity to make the future matter
  • Keys to the strategic design of organisational structures
  • 10 keys to improving the effectiveness of webinars and training videos
  • Leadership: how to save companies
  • Cognitive biases and the risk of manipulation
  • Agility is the best business weapon against the black swans of markets
  • Reflections on life, work, ambition, and the world within