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You will find here the recordings and materials of our initiative “The Voice of HUETE&CO” with the vision of providing value with spontaneity, professionalism and rigor in the important task of building better human teams, better companies and a better society.

susana quinones hueteco

Why do managers need to be accompanied in the current paradigm?

Strategic consultancy in different types of businesses, implementing strategic plans, facilitating their reflection and mentoring teams by applying a culture of values (El Calero Inversions, Alegría y Decision, Communication Campaign). Founding Partner of Biaktion, “business in aktion” consultancy specialising in organisational strategy.

Susana Quiñones

Spain, San Sebastian
rafael zavala hueteco

5 questions that can transform your life

Rafael Zavala Batlle is considered by LinkedIn as one of the 10 most influential voices in Latin America in its Top Voices 2020 Ranking and named by Semana Económica magazine as one of the two most recognised management experts in Peru. He is Executive Director of PAD’s Senior Management Programmes and an international speaker on leadership and personal transformation.

Rafael Zavala

Peru, Lima
rafael de cordova hueteco

The execution process in purpose-driven business

We will learn from visionary leaders who have transformed their organisations, sharing lessons learned and best practices to inspire others to embark on this exciting entrepreneurial journey focused on purpose beyond the purely economic. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how purpose-driven businesses are changing the world and how you can be part of this business revolution!

Rafael de Cordova

Peru, Lima
mjose mochon hueteco

Human vs. Artificial Intelligence: is there a choice to be made?

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a fundamental tool in many companies, which has raised concerns about its impact on employment and the human ability to perform tasks. The discussion about whether AI can completely replace human intelligence or whether the two can coexist effectively is crucial now, and this is precisely what our associates and #trustedadvisors Fran Chuan and María José Mochón will be discussing on air.

Mª José Mochón

Spain, Granada
maria alejandra dominguez hueteco

Connect with yourself

In the constant search for a full and meaningful life, we often find ourselves under pressure to follow a pre-set formula or a single recipe for success. However, in this interview we will explore the importance of connecting with ourselves and recognising that each of us is unique, with our own experiences, perspectives, and needs.

Mª Alejandra Domínguez

Colombia, Bogota
manu marin coe archer hueteco

Tokenisation of financial assets: operate your own marketplace

I have worked in various sectors such as logistics, education, consulting. For the last 17 years I have worked in banking and corporate finance and in a multinational media payments company – Visa.Inc. I am an associate professor in business schools, mentor of startup/scaleup projects and lead a Business Angels investment group.

Manu Marín

Spain, Madrid
luis parra hueteco

Empresa bambú: flexibility and leadership in management

Luis is a professional with more than 20 years of experience in leading projects in different sectors, both as an executive and as an entrepreneur, in top positions: Commercial Management, Strategy Management, Operations Management, General Management and CEO.

Luis Parra

Spain, Sevilla
luis aguirre briseno hueteco

Commercial management 2.0: evolution and implementation

Luis has more than 25 years of experience in commercial areas from salesman to commercial director, he has managed international companies throughout the Americas and Spain.

Today he is an active entrepreneur, CEO and founding partner at Ignite, a company focused on growing organisations sustainably through the evolution and management of commercial strategies. He participates as partner and commercial director in FILA Surface Care System Mexico, an Italian company and world leader in surface care and protection.

Luis Aguirre

julio herrera hueteco

06 skills that every good manager should have

Julio is a mentor in Leadership and Management, expert in General Business Management, People Governance, Strategic Business Planning and Organisational Culture. He works as a consultant, director, mentor, lecturer and team trainer, having accompanied more than 8000 managers in more than 200 companies in 12 countries.

Julio Herrera

Spain, Madrid
inaki garcia echaniz hueteco

Fluid marketing: past, present and future

He founded his first company at the age of 19 and his second at the age of 23. He is a founding partner of the digital consultancy LIN3S.

For more than 25 years he has led teams in the areas of marketing, sales, and client management in different sectors such as distribution, culture, fashion, education, automotive.

He has participated in digital projects for different clients such as: Saunier Duval, CBRE, UOC, Laboral Kutxa, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Athletic Club, BBK, Forum Sport.

Iñaki García

Spain, Bilbao
Gonzalo Indacochea

Leadership lessons from the world champion team

Gonzalo Indacochea is an expert in leadership, team transformation and disruptive innovation. Practitioner and teacher of executives in different business schools and companies. Specialised in Strategic Leadership at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Chile. He has also led different courses and conferences in business schools such as: IESE, INCAE, PAD, London Business School, etc.

Gonzalo Indacochea

Peru, Lima
federico sarmiento hueteco

Retail 4.0: how to lead the digital transformation post covid?

Federico Sarmiento is Senior Management Advisor in Retail, Omnichannel, Franchising, Brand Value and Sports Marketing. Board advisor and speaker. Senior Executive with thirteen years of experience as General Manager at Adidas and a member of the Latin America leadership team. Thirty years of successful track record in leadership positions in the region with prestigious multinational companies such as adidas, IBM, Xerox and Procter & Gamble. Peruvian and Italian citizen.

Federico Sarmiento

elba carrizo hueteco

Talent assessment strategies and succesion plans

One of the concerns that arises in the minds of senior leaders is whether the organisation has sufficient internal talent to drive the future growth of the business as set out in its strategy. Whether in current talent capabilities or those that will be required in the future.

Elba Carrizo

alvaro martin malumbres hueteco

Personal branding for managers: for what? how? what? with whom?

Álvaro Marín is an enthusiast, passionate about people and the positive impact they have on society. Founding Partner of Digital4Advisors, a boutique specialising in building digital personal brands for managers, executives and board members, Álvaro defines himself as an architect of valuable personal brands.  He has advised on personal branding to executives from companies such as Adidas, Google, Banco Santander, and consultants from business schools such as IESE Business School.

Álvaro Marín

Spain, Zaragoza
ana luz huete hueteco

Self-leadership as a lever to develop your best version of yourself

Ana Luz Huete is a lawyer, coach, and consultant in the transformation of people and organisations. She is excited and motivated to be able to inspire both individuals and the teams and organisations she accompanies. She works to enhance their personal and professional development, with an emphasis on improving the dynamics of management committees as a tool for cohesion and boosting leadership skills, in order to better achieve the objectives, set.

Ana Luz Huete

Spain, Madrid
carlos escario hueteco

Winning the market battle with superior business models

Carlos has directly advised companies present in +40 different countries. Co-Founder and CEO of TACHA Beauty and Wellness. Founding partner of HUETE&Co and Senior Principal at The Chalfont Project (Viral Change™) in the UK. Carlos holds a degree in Business Administration and Management, an MBA from IESE Business School, a master’s in marketing from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and a PhD in Strategy and Organisational Transformation from CEU University.

Carlos Escario

Spain, Madrid
luis huete hueteco

Companies: healthy or sick? The therapeutic role of managers

Luis Huete is one of the leading professionals in international management. He combines the facets of teacher, consultant, facilitator, speaker, author, and coach. A professor at IESE Business School since 1982, throughout his almost four decades in the profession he has worked as a consultant with top management teams on five continents, in more than 800 companies and in more than 70 countries.

Luis Huete

Spain, Madrid

Flavio Húngaro - The corporate Athlete: how to manage yourself under pressure

Based on the book “Flow in Business” by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi.

Organisations plan hundreds of meetings a year, but how many Pit Stops do they hold? Organising Pit Stops for the purpose of recharging energy at all 3 levels, individual, team and organisation-wide is key to creating long-term sustainable performance.

These and other questions will be discussed by our associate Federico Sarmiento and our special guest, Flavio Ungaro.

Pablo España - Why do you run in the metro if they pass every 4 minutes?

Pablo is a person who has not stopped working and making a living since he was a student. He is not satisfied with just doing the job, but he always tries to give more than what is expected of him; whatever he does, he like to do it well and he dedicates as much time and energy as it takes.

Secondly, he is an easy-going person, who adapts and learns quickly. He is not afraid of responsibility or challenges; He is decisive, and he focuses on providing solutions and measuring himself by results.

Pilar Jiménez - Transformational leadership as a lever for growth

Country Manager of Mediapro China.

In March 2002 she joined Fox International Channels Iberia as Commercial Director, where she assumed different responsibilities in marketing and programming until 2009, where she was appointed, Executive Vice President Managing Director Iberia until November 2013. She joined Mediapro in February 2014 as Business Development Director for the Group.

David Cerdá - Behavioural design: key tools applied to the business world

David is a behavioural scholar, economist, PhD and MBA with more than 25 years in senior positions in multinationals and SMEs. He is a consultant, lecturer and writer. Among his five published titles, The Living Organisation (2018), on leadership, organisational culture, people, creativity and innovation, and The Good Professional (2019), on excellence and professional ethics. He offers his services in Spanish / English / French / German / Portuguese / Italian.

Richard Jaimes - The mistakes leaders make by not thinking about the future

Richard is a consultant and trusted advisor on foresight, futures, strategy and leadership. More than 20 years in CEO and board positions in multinational companies: Airbus, Schlumberger, Continental. Partner at Huete&Co and founder of Turning Point.

Fran Chuan - The 9+1 key skills of leaders of innovation cultures

Fran Chuan is an expert in fostering innovation in companies through the human side that makes it possible. One of his main challenges is to promote the development of organisations through innovation, the transformation of people and the generation of opportunities, stimulating a culture that turns innovation into something sustainable over time. He is an international speaker and gives talks and workshops in companies on innovation from different approaches.