Carlos Escario

Profesor adjunto en Notre Dame Business School

Associate Professor at Notre Dame Business School.


Master in Business Administration from IESE Business School. Master in Marketing and PhD in Strategy and Transformation from the University CEU Cardenal Herrera.

Academic Affiliation

Honorary Professor at CEU and Executive Advisor for the University International Strategy of CEU and associate professor at business schools such as Basque Culinary Center, EDEM Business School, Instituto Internacional San Telmo, Honorary Professor at University Católica San Pablo in Arequipa (Peru) and at the University of Notre Dame.

Company Collaboration

FEMSA, Rizjkzwan, Finsa, Gocco, Axa Sorigué, CEU, Dolores Promesas, Gallery Room, Agbar, Eulen, Cajamar, etc.

Boards and Positions

Co-Founder and CEO of Tacha. Patron in Delivering Better Lives and member of the International Advisory Board of CEU Cardenal Herrera.


Multiple articles and publications (

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