Emilio Llopis

Consultor de Branding y Estrategia de Marketing

Branding and Marketing Strategy Consultant.


Emilio holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Valencia, Directive Development Program (PDD: Programa de Desarrollo Directivo) from IESE Business School and a Master’s degree in Directional Marketing and Commercial Management from ESIC Business & Marketing School. He holds a PhD in Marketing from the University Cardenal Herrera-CEU. In his doctoral thesis, he proposed a branding model that was qualified as outstanding cum laude for its business applicability.



He is a visiting professor at Deusto Business School. In addition, he teaches at different business schools and business forums in Spain and Latin America: IE Business School, Directors Progress Association (APD: Asociación para el Progreso de Directivos),  ISEM Business & Fashion School, ESIC Business & Marketing School, Basque Culinary Center, IIR España, America Empresarial, Panamerican Business School and Seminarium Peru, among others.


Professional Experience

As a businessman and consultant, during the last 15 years, he has led and collaborated in more than 200 consulting and training projects in Business Strategy, Marketing, Commercial and Brand Management for companies of different sizes (from IBEX to SME`s) and from different sectors (healthcare, TICS, food and beverages, fashion, chemical industry, furniture, energy, banking, household appliances, services, etc.). Likewise, he has also directed projects with different public and educational institutions.

He is a partner of the Garrigos & Llopis consulting agency and a partner in the branding agency Brand on the Moon. As a businessman since 2000, he backs entrepreneurs as a partner of Realiza Business Angels. He is a consultant and collaborator of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum (Foro de Marcas Renombradas Españolas), in the IHPB program (International High Potential Brands).

Concurrently, during the last 12 years he has developed intense activity as a lecturer beginning with a series of lectures at IIR España, where he was named Keynote Speaker and continues as a speaker in Spain and Latin America. He has been a member of Top Ten Business Experts and of Speakers Academy. In 2014 he was a TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design) lecturer.



Author of the book Crear la Marca Global and columnist for El Mundo, newspaper. He collaborates in prestigious magazines such as Harvard Deusto Business Review and America Empresarial.


Company Collaboration

Over the last years he has had the opportunity to collaborate with other companies such as:  Accenture, Allergan, Auren, Bancaja, Bausch & Lomb, Berioska, Blinker, Budenheim, Coca Cola, Coronita, Danone, DDB, Deloitte, Ford España, Ruralcaja, Galderma, Gaviota, Generalitat Valenciana, Gin Mare, Grupo Dominguis, GSF, Helados Alacant, Hero España, Hispanitas, Hits Mobile, Interbrand, Itene, Juver, Laboratorios Puig, Loewe, Mariner, Master Cadena, Meditel, MoviStar, Omnicom Group, Páginas Amarillas, Repsol, Saez Merino, Solta Medical, Swarosky, Telefónica, Terra Mítica, Vaersa, Viokox, Volvo Ocean Race, and Yamaha.

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