Gonzalo Indacochea

Consultor empresarial.

Business consultant.


Gonzalo Indacochea holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Management from the EAE Business School and the Universitat de Barcelona. He has an International Certification in Team Coaching by the International Coaching Community of England, as well as others. He is also a Business Administrator from the UCSP, (University Católica San Pablo, Perú). He is specialized in Strategic Leadership by the University Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile. He has also given different courses and conferences in business schools such as: IESE, Central American Institute of Business Administration (INCAE: Instituto Centroamericano de Administración de Empresas), Senior Management Program (PAD: Programa de Alta Dirección), London Business School, etc.


Academic Affiliation

Gonzalo Indacochea is a versatile professional who combines intellectual capacity with the applicability of tools to the business and organizational world. He is a member of the International Leadership Association and the Institute of Coaching of Harvard Medical School (USA), and a member of the Human Capital Institute (USA). He is also a member of the MIX Project (The Management Innovation eXchange Project co-founded by Gary Hamel, which seeks to reinvent 21st century management).


Company Collaboration

Gonzalo is a renowned speaker, consultant and facilitator for teams that aim to humanize organizations and maximize their performance. During more than 15 years of experience he has impacted more than 5,000 leaders (from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Paraguay, Peru, etc.), and 15,000 helpers belonging to more than 50 industrial organizations that work with: services, manufacturing, mining, construction, banking and finance, retail, food, distribution, education, tourism, health, public sector, commerce, aviation, port logistics, etc.


Boards and Company Roles

He is currently Associate Director of Huete&co, a platform that provides advisory services to companies through a network of professionals based in Madrid, Spain. Director of GIR Consulting & Coaching and Director of the NLC (National League of Cities). He was the Executive Education Manager at Seminarium, Peru; Director of the Center for Leadership for Development at the UCSP (University Católica San Pablo, Perú); and Director of several social organizations and consultant to numerous companies.



He has written for different media. All his updated publications can be found at www.gonzaloindacochea.com

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