María José Mochón

Mentoring Autoliderazgo Transformacion / Excellence in Care

Mentoring Self-Leadeership Transformation / Excellence in Care


Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Navarra. GEAR Programme (Management of High Performance Teams) IESE. Service Management and Management Task Excellence Programme. Tasfor Proyecta. University of Navarra. Expert in Team and Family Coaching. IE. University of Villanueva. DAIP Family Education Expert Programme. Identitas. Master in Mentoring and Coaching UNIR. PAD Programme. Emergap. Strategy Development and Goal Setting. Tasfor Proyecta. University of Navarra.

Professional experience

26 years of professional experience managing teams in the service sector, ten of them as a consultant in team management and work systems in the hospitality sector. In the last 6 years I have collaborated with companies in mentoring and leadership processes. Creation of talent management programmes for secondary and high school students. Entrepreneurship training workshops at the University of Granada.

Academic and professional affiliations

EMCC Spain EQA Accreditation Manager and member of EMCC Globa.l.
Member of AJE and of the Granada Businesswomen’s Association.

Partnerships with companies

Advisory team of the Red Impacto Mujer of Colombia for the implementation of the Women’s Leadership Programme.
My areas of expertise are Talent Management

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