Marisa Martínez Jiménez

Profesora de la Universidad de Navarra.

Professor at the University of Navarra.


Marisa Martínez holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering of Roads, Canals and Ports from the University of Granada. She also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management from the Instituto Internacional San Telmo and is accredited as a Coach by the European School of Coaching.

Executive and Consulting Career

Marisa began her professional career as a civil engineer, working in Dragados, Eptisa and Cemosa, where she served as Operations Manager.

In 2004, her career turned to the world of business and executive training when she became a part of the Instituto Internacional San Telmo, where she held various executive positions until she became head of the Training Department at the Foundation Headquarters in Malaga. She has participated in the design and management of general and in-company national and international programs for companies such as DIA, Carrefour, the Cátedra Mayoral de Mejora Continua, the Italian consortium ELIS (integrated by companies such as ENEL, Italia Telecom and Autoestrada).

In her role as an independent consultant, she belongs to the Board of Directors of companies such as Juvasa, Catering Col Servicol and Villablanca. In addition, she is an advisor in Gisela Intimates and Contact Interiors. She has also collaborated with Segura S.L., Empanaderías Antonia Butrón, Catering Perea Rojas, Grupo Attendis and Aceitunas Torrent.

Teaching Career

She began her academic career at the Instituto San Telmo in the field of Production, Technology and Operations, becoming part of this faculty. She is the author of several cases and technical notes of the area, specializing in processes of organizational transformation, shared value and continuous improvement. She has written cases such as Restalia, Cosentino Group, Leroy Merlin Rusia, Vueling, the Almacen de Mayoral and Kaizen en Simôes.

She is currently a visiting professor at MEGEC (University of Navarra) and at ESESA Business School.

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