Richard Jaimes

Consultor, formador y speaker

Specialist in topics and methodologies related to the future.


Richard Jaimes is an Aeronautical Engineer from the National Experimental University of the Armed Forces, Venezuela. He also has a Master`s Degree from the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany. He has taken several different courses and has been trained in topics and methodologies related with studies of the future at The Futures School, ScMI, and Munich Foresight Circle, among others. He has also been part of the exclusive course for managers with high potential at Airbus from 2006 to 2009, and at Continental from 2017 to 2019; covering topics and training, in each of these companies, in the areas of: leadership, business, strategy, team management, etc.

Academic Affiliation

Richard is a multifaceted professional who masters a vast variety of relevant topics for companies and combines them with his authentic, inspiring and creative touch to create long-term relevance for his clients/listeners. He has been repeatedly invited to teach modules related to future studies at various universities: Aachen Technical University – Germany, Deggendorf Technical University – Germany, Regensburg Technical University – Germany, Experimental University of the National Armed Forces – Venezuela.

Company Collaboration

With an extensive trajectory as an executive and manager in different transnational corporations (Airbus, Continental, Schlumberger), Richard is basing his activity as a freelancer in corporate experiences that have given him recognition as a speaker, consultant and trainer in the area of ​​future studies. Richard has collaborated with and advised the top management of companies such as OSRAM, Daimler, Peugeot, Citroën, Airbus, Rehau, Continental, DS Automobiles and Electrobit, in the application of future methodologies in order to understand the uncertainties of the future in these industries and thus derive elements that allow to strengthen and innovate strategies, products, and services, among others. In the training area, he is collaborating with CONTUR in Germany to offer training to medium and large companies; this type of training is also being negotiated with the Chamber of Commerce in southern Germany.

Boards and Company Roles

He is currently an associate member of Huete&co, a platform of services and advice to companies through a network of professionals based in Madrid, Spain. He also serves as executive director in a Tier 1 German automotive transnational.


He writes for different media. All future publications can be found on the web pages of LinkedIn and Huete&co.

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