One of our first books was in 1992 by Luis Huete. Since then, we have published more than 12 books, translated into different languages, in which we have summarized some of the ideas that we use in our role as trusted advisors. The books focus on aspects of business reengineering, management models, people and culture, customer management, self-leadership, etc.

Portada de La vida sigue

La Vida Sigue

Author  Rafael Zavala

Editorial DIANA

Year 2023


Foreword by Santiago Álvarez de Mon, professor at Harvard and IESE, who has worked as an emotional coach for athletes such as Rafael Nadal and Pau Gasol, and leaders of global companies.

«Rafael Zavala is one of my references. In this wonderful book he demonstrates his generosity by sharing his immense wisdom so that we learn to live better. Simply extraordinary, for its depth and its practicality.
— VICTOR KÜPPERS, international speaker and best-selling author.

«In a world where we often have to swim against the current, Rafael’s words are a guide to make our journey easier. They are reflections out loud, learning that inspires and moves in equal measure, and that invites us to take charge of our lives and be better people. Many achievements, but also failures, are humbly narrated in this book. Experiences from which the author has extracted valuable tools and mental resources that he now shares with us to help us pave the way. Is there anything more generous?
— ANGI GONZÁLEZ VIVES, editorial director of Harvard Deusto Business Review.

«Rafael Zavala’s wise advice will help you on many fronts, not only as a leader, but also on a personal level, dealing with grace with the many obstacles that life presents us. Highly recommended.
— THOMAS WEDELL-WEDELLSBORG, featured as the eighth best thinker on the Thinkers50 2021 list. Top 20 International Thinker.

*Note: this book is only available in Spanish.

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