One of our first books was in 1992 by Luis Huete. Since then, we have published more than 12 books, translated into different languages, in which we have summarized some of the ideas that we use in our role as trusted advisors. The books focus on aspects of business reengineering, management models, people and culture, customer management, self-leadership, etc.

Portada de Vitaminas y vacunas para la empresa de hoy

Vitaminas y Vacunas
para la Empresa de Hoy

Authors  Luis Huete, Carlos Escario, Javier García Arevalillo, Vicente de los Ríos, Marta Casasola, Juan Miguel Poyatos, Emilio Llopis, Encarnita del Amor, Marisa Martínez, Gonzalo Giráldez, Ana Luz Huete, Marta Grañó, Gonzalo Indacochea, Luis Parra y Álvaro Marín

Editorial EPALSA

Year 2019

Companies are living beings and as such are governed by a life cycle that will take them from their birth to their death, passing through a multiplicity of intermediate stages. They grow, mature, age… And, in that long process, they face a multitude of toxic viruses that can endanger their lives. External factors, such as constant changes in the market, and internal factors, such as good or bad management of your equipment, contaminate your health.

To avoid premature death, get a mature youth and minimize the extent of possible infections is written this book. The members of the HUETE&CO platform provide vitamins and inject vaccines that can be useful to generate healthy companies and, above all, formed by teams that are capable of talks if dysfunctions exist. In this sense, the task of ‘therapist’ is on the management team, the only one with the ability to nurture your business with a mechanism where the strategic priorities are clear and the organizational structure, as well as its human and professional caliber, is competent. Only then will there be sufficient capacity to prevent, diagnose and cure business pathologies that will make the business eternal.

*Note: this book is only available in Spanish.

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